Who Is Same Old Caviar?

Same Old Caviar otherwise known as Dickie Webb is a self taught artist/illustrator who has been living around the globe for the last 11 years chasing the snow.

Born in 1979, the first 18 years were spent in an English village called Haddenham deep in the Shires. Since leaving school the mountains have been home mainly being based in Queenstown, New Zealand. Snowboarding in New Zealand as well the European Alps and Northern America paying my way by teaching snowboarding.

Now 12 years after leaving home I am looking towards the future and heading back to school. I am currently studying at Oxford Brookes after which I am hoping to go onto further study. 

Having returned to school I now have access to better equipment and tools so I am looking to create more work and develop my portfolio.  My work is based mainly on social commentary and my twisted sense of humour of the world.  I am looking at new ways to build these ideas and allow the characters to evolve.  There will be updates through out the new year please check back to see how things progress. 

For fine art pieces by Dickie Webb please check www.dickiewebb.com