Three day project on that place that is Birmingham

Posted by Dickie Webb on Thursday, January 28, 2010 Under: projects

 This week I have started work on my new project.  I am basing this new work on Birmingham one end of the train line my village is on.  The other end is London probably the way I would normally travel when boarding a train.  So its been good to walk the streets in Brum looking to see what makes it tick.  Day three tommorrow will see what that brings.  The photos here are some pieces that kept me entertained whilst having a nosy.. Also checked out Studio 4 Gallery at the Custard Factory.  Worth taking a look if you are heading to Birmingham great variety of work with links to well known artists and also the Brummie collective 'The Outcrowd'. Check their blog here

Check back to see updates...
Also check for developments with final pieces.

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