Meaning: blooper (plural bloopers) (informal) A blunder, an error

Synonyms: boo-boo, faux pas, fluff, gaffe, lapse, mistake, slip, stumble; see also  over the infielders.

Whilst drawing and creating various works I am always mulling certain words or phrases throughout the day.  These associated text works are a result

of these contemplations.  Text is something that is always a challenge for me as I struggle to read a book however I am always drawn to text I guess

as objects as well as means to communicate in both my contemporary art practice and illustrations.  

Creating these works which are all hand painted/printed with signs of the DIY inbuilt.  Just like conversations they are not perfect and not all will agree

or resonate with the statements.  Each piece is part of an open artist edition and are number/signed on the back. 

Size is (110 Ă— 120mm).

Prints available here.